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Presbycusis is the gradual loss of hearing associated with aging. Usually alters the hearing high frequency sounds (very acute, for example the telephone ringing) the low frequency (eg the engine of a truck). The hearing loss is presbycusis and sensorineural perception, ie, damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve (the nerve that carries information from the hearing ear to the brain). This type of hearing loss can also be seen in people who are exposed to a noisy environment (eg at work).

In many people with presbycusis may be useful to use a headset. Not all patients get better at putting on a headset, so it is necessary to conduct a proper study of each case.

Recommendations to facilitate communication with a person with hearing loss:

  • Talk in front of a person suffering from hearing loss, and ensure that the light in front of you. So you can see his face gestures and body movements and you will understand more easily.
  • Avoid talking to the radio or TV on.
  • Do not cover your mouth or chew when you talk to a person with hearing loss.
  • Talk to a higher tone, but avoid shouting. Hearing the scream distortion and worse understanding.
  • Choose the quietest places in social gatherings, restaurants, etc. This will decrease the noise interference with your conversation.
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