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External Otitis

Otitis externa is an infection of the outer ear (the ear that lies outside of the eardrum). It happens more frequently if you regularly bathe in pools (hence sometimes called "swimmer's ear), if you have the habit of introducing swabs or other instruments in the ear or if you suffer from skin diseases as psoriasis or eczema . For this reason it is entirely unwise to introduce any objects into the ear canal. If you think you have wax in your ear see your doctor to remove it.

The symptoms of external otitis include pain and swelling of the canal and outer ear. This inflammation can plug the pipe and cause hearing loss. In addition to otitis externa, ear diseases can cause pain and decreased hearing. Must perform a full scan to make a correct diagnosis. Otitis externa is treated with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. You should not treat your otitis with any product other than what your doctor recommends it because it could be harmful.

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